Gamers join real-life fight against malaria and tuberculosis

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1 minute

Publication date

April 2016


malaria, rapid diagnosis test, mobile-app


Albers, L. (2016). Gamers join real-life fight against malaria and tuberculosis. The Lancet Infectious Diseases16(4), 418.


Despite major progress in the last 15 years, the reduction of the burden of malaria and tuberculosis remains a key objective for global health. Between 2000 and 2014, 43 million lives were saved through effective diagnosis and treatment, but the new UN Sustainable Development Goals include the ambitious aim to end all epidemics of these treatable infectious diseases by 2030. Now a new instrument to help this further effort to diagnose malaria and tuberculosis early is available for everyone. A lot of people are wasting time playing aimless videogames: now they can help to diagnose suspected cases of malaria and tuberculosis by playing the games MalariaSpot and TuberSpot.