Artificial Intelligence for diagnosis

We research and deploy artificial intelligence systems based on neural networks for the analysis of medical images. Hybrid collaborative intelligence systems that combine the knowledge of specialists with algorithms to speed up diagnosis.

Medical devices made with 3D printing

We design from scratch portable medical devices controlled by smartphones and manufactured using 3D printing and consumer electronics. They are affordable and sustainable, reducing time, cost, distance and carbon footprint.

Mobile platforms

We create software platforms accessible via computers, smartphones and tablets. Cloud-based platforms that are intuitive, secure and easy to use. We reduce analysis times by avoiding the physical shipment of samples.

Collaborative intelligence

We develop video games to help diagnose diseases . Technology, gamification and citizen science to contribute and raise awareness about global health.


Get to know our new video game ‘Spotwarriors’ and fight against diseases such as malaria, helminthiasis or haemoglobinopathies, while developing your cognitive abilities.