We create Artificial Intelligence with clinical impact

SpotLab deployment for project ALMA: AI for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of hematological diseases.

We are experts in AI for clinical research and diagnostics


We design AI solutions that help pharmaceutical companies, public health institutions, healthcare providers and researchers to solve their clinical challenges. 


Our AI platform works with multi-modal data. We leverage your own data or create mobile technology to capture the clinical data you need. We build AI for diseases which are not yet in the digital world.


Solutions can be deployed in our user-friendly web app, in the point of care (edge-AI) or in the client’s own infrastructure.

The best science and AI for everyone everywhere: from blood cancers to neglected tropical diseases



Transform clinical data into new biomedical insights. Our customized AI models identify and quantify digital biomarkers of disease progression and treatment response towards personalized medicine.


AI models to assist screening and diagnosis, enhancing efficiency, increasing accessibility, reducing inter-observer variability and promoting harmonization across sites.


Intelligent assistants for clinicians, based on fine-tuned large language models and multimodal AI, for specific clinical domains and use cases.


Digitize and streamline analytic and reporting tasks. Integrate AI automation seamlessly in clinical workflows and quality control processes. Readiness to scale with high quality standards including user, data and AI model traceability. 

Our mission is to create technological innovations with positive and measurable impact. SpotLab’s vision is a world where everyone has access to best healthcare.

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