Technology Platform

Our proprietary multi-modal digitalization and AI platform TeleSpot® to find solutions to clinical research challenges and diagnostic needs

Our Platform

Our platform is a technology ecosystem to create and deploy AI models in clinical enviroments.

TeleSpot® is composed of a cloud architecture connected with web and smartphone apps.

We build digitalization devices based on smartphones to standardize data acquisitions at the point-of-care.

Proprietary foundational AI models for in-vitro image analysis allow to achieve high accuracy and model training with limited samples data.

The platform uses LLMs (Large Language Models) to integrate multimodal data and act as an intelligent assistant to clinical users.

✓ Web and mobile platform

✓ Multimodal data (image, audio, text, genetic, …)

✓ Intuitive, user-friendly design

✓ End-to-end solution or modular

✓ Cloud, edge and API deployment capabilities

✓ User, data and AI traceability

✓ Customizable according to user needs

✓ Integrates with multiple hardware devices

✓ In-vitro medical device manufacturing license

✓ GDPR compliant

✓ Following ISO-13485 and IVDR

✓ Highest industry standards on security and encryption

Assess, design and adapt

We assess your needs, and design the technological and clinical roadmaps necessary to develop an AI solution tailored to solve your challenge.

The platform is adapted and customized to the technical requieremnts and clients organization. We focus on the system’s usability in real clinical environment. To generate a trusted AI solution, we identify potential biases. ensure traceability and provide compliant data security and protection.

Train & validate AI models

We work with multimodal data (images, videos, audio, text, genetic, …) which can be imported from clients databases or can be created using our platform.

Our infrastructure allows for standardized acquisition, digitization and labeling of biomedical data to train AI models. SpotLab follows standardized guidelines that ensure the reliability of the developed algorithms.

AI Deployment options

(1)  Edge-AI, working in mobile devices, running AI in real-time on site without need for connectivity nor data transfer.

(2) On cloud, enabling access to AI results anywhere using our web platform.

(3) Via an API, for integrating our AI models with our customers’ systems.