Who is building the health of the future?

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8 April 2022


Ashoka, Pfizer


Healthcare, Disruptive

The study “Social innovation and healthcare in Spain: a view from social entrepreneurship” carried out by the Pfizer Foundation and the Ashoka Foundation has identified several disruptive entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of the healthcare sector. One of them is SpotLab, founded by Miguel Luengo-Oroz, whose purpose is to democratize access to quality diagnostics by applying artificial intelligence to diseases that have not yet been digitized. SpotLab uses cell phones to digitize medical samples and analyze them in real time, developing methods for quantifying white blood cells in leukemia patients, detecting parasites of neglected diseases and reading antigen tests through a smartphone. With its work in Europe, Latin America and Africa, SpotLab is making a significant contribution to the transformation of healthcare.